Dr Phil Tyson Testimonials


“The great thing about Phil is that he’s practical. It’s important to talk. But he also makes sure you actually do something to improve matters. I have seen a few counsellors over the years and he was the best.” AA – Media

“I came to see Phil because I was at the lowest point in my life and did not know where to turn. I was having major anxiety attacks, everyday life was a real effort and I could see no why out of my situation. I came to see Phil and he put me at ease straight away and made me feel like there was hope. I was able to open up to him straightaway, which was previously a major stumbling block for me in getting help. Phil was excellent at getting straight to the heart of my issues and worked out a programme with me. He helped me to face my demons and not put up safety barriers to avoid what was troubling me. I did not realise by hiding from the issues that I was not helping myself. I looked forward to my weekly sessions and chats as they were really helping me. I can honestly say without Phil I don’t think I would be where I am today. Phil thank you so much for giving me my life back.” Russell – Service Manager

“I would not hesitate to recommend Phil as a counsellor or for general support. I initially approached Phil to discuss stress and anxiety issues and how these were impacting my work, life and family. He has a relaxed and approachable manner but is able to back this up with a very detailed understanding of psychology. In the end, I was able to raise and address many issues and feel that Phil has given me the insight and tools to approach life differently and to manage that all important work-life balance.” Martin – Business Owner / Director

“Phil really helped me to overcome a difficult period for me. I was at the end of my tether and I didn’t know who to turn to. Phil helped me to prioritise my problems and work on those that brought maximum impact. I liked Phil’s flexible style that enabled us to work in different ways with different issues.” Peter – Accounts Manager.


“I was suffering from stress following a change of job, this was significantly impacting my life. I had gone to another centre but the advice there was poor and seemed to just be following a standard answer rather than really digging into my issues. A friend recommended Phil and it was clear from day 1 that he actually cared and had a huge amount of knowledge and skill in the area of stress. I’m not 100% yet but certain I’m on the road to recovery. Phil has quite literally changed my life and stopped me falling into a bottomless pit I could not recommend him more highly.”  John – Clerical Role

“I went to see Phil a number of years ago because I was struggling with anxiety relating to my own personal relationships and perceived difficulties in my profession. Phil helped me understand the route cause of my worry and helped me manage and understand the symptoms, this quickly improved my quality of life. Long since I finished my therapy with Phil the benefits have extended far beyond those individual sessions and presently I enjoy personal freedom from many of the worries that once plagued my everyday consciousness. What made the difference was that Phil not only helped me explore many of my unconscious thoughts but also realise important spiritual aspects that were important to me at the time. I now have a greater awareness of myself and I have now become my own therapist which has opened many doors for me. I currently feel a lot more positive in every aspect of my life, I can only thank Phil for his support and mentoring on my journey.”  Matt – Social Worker

“I came to Phil several years ago facing a series of work and personal issues, feeling anxious and depressed. His caring and practical approach really helped and lifted me out of feeling helpless, see beyond my immediate circumstances, and find a way forward. Years later, I was on the cusp of a big promotion but with a month to go I was full of self-doubt and despair, procrastinating rather than facing my demons, and stuck in negative thought patterns. Phil was the obvious person to go to. He was supportive yet challenging and helped me get into a far more resourceful mindset, and get the promotion! So on two occasions and for very different reasons, A few sessions with Phil really have made all the difference. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”  Jack – Accountant

“I have used Phil twice now, for two separate situations and could not thank him enough for the help and assistance he has given myself. My initial meetings with Phil were surrounding family issues, with which Phil showed great empathy, balance and understanding regarding the past, present and how to address the future. Phil’s approach during this time was of understanding, empathy, yet used practical working examples to challenge throughout and question what I wanted and where I was going. 3 years later and on the second occasion, this was to address the breakdown of my marriage. There was no hesitation to use Phil again, as I knew that his style, way of working and challenging sessions would get myself back on track during what was a tragic and difficult time in my life. I could not thank him enough for the difference he has made during the two different scenarios that I’ve been to see him about. The way that Phil structures the sessions, his calm yet challenging demeanour plus professional nature allows you a forum to open up, allow someone into your troubles and help address these with you. For anyone thinking about seeing someone regarding any issues you feel you need help for or unsure whether it is for you, as I was when I first approached Phil, take the leap and realise it will be a significant step forward for you and your future.”  Andrew – Director.

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