How I Work.

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Most men greet difficulties, concerns and even opportunities in their lives with some degree of fear and/or demoralisation. Having said this, everybody’s circumstances are unique, and call for quite different skills, and I am comfortable working with clients with a range of issues.
For those of you who are familiar with therapeutic terminology, I would describe myself as an integrative practitioner drawing broadly on different theoretical approaches but being committed to the Person Centred approach as my core theoretical model. I am also heavily influenced by cognitive behavioural therapy and Freudian psychoanalysis.
What does this mean?

  1. I am first and foremost committed to the uniqueness of the individual in my work, and of their ability to find the most creative and constructive solutions to their difficulties – I am not the kind of therapist who tells you how to live your life.
  2. I am committed to working flexibly, drawing on other approaches to therapy where appropriate – I am not a dogmatic therapist.
  3. I am committed to using techniques that can be shown to create measurable changes in suitable individuals – I believe in results.
  4. I am sensitive to the impact that childhood relationships have on our behaviour, particularly those aspects of our behaviour that can be observed by others, but are not always noticed by the person themselves – I believe that sometimes we have to dig deep to get over our difficulties, but only sometimes.


I am committed to making my service accessible to men irrespective of ethnic or cultural background, sexuality, age, health status or disability.


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